grandkid roundup

That title doesn’t make any sense, given the distance that separates our grandtribe. My cyber fix is to post pictures of all the darlings in this one place. Also, I love posting the Halloween costumes. So here goes:

In a sense, these two players are in costume, though uniform fits the actuality. Coach Bailey Anderson seems quite happy with the team’s 8-0 standing so far.

And here’s his lovely wife, Sarah.

Marissa could have helped me out here by eating an apple instead so I could reference it to say she works at the Apple Store when not in class at Grand Canyon University.

Cassidy sits across from her mama in a Costa Rica cafe, debriefing their two weeks of Spanish immersion classes.

Oscar is ten now, in the 5th grade. Besides being a champion watermelon eater, he is quite a sketch artist, following his dad’s lead.

Sage (age 8, grade 3) and Brynn (age 6, grade 1) lead a full life of school, hiking, camping, taking care of chickens, playing together, soccer, assembling Lego creations, and on it goes.

Will (age 7, grade 2) and Lincoln (age 4 -very soon, grade preschool) — These guys also live a full life of school, camping (their parents just bought a really cool new camper/trailer), biking, soccer, piano lessons, playing games, and on it goes.

Declan (age 4, preschool) spends most of his time keeping tabs on his rambunctious sisters, helps his dad make pizzas, travels hither and yon with his parents, body builds at CrossFit with his mom, school, and on it goes.

Avery (age 2) is the family daredevil with some kind of death wish. Beth takes her to gymnastics classes to give her some skills in her field of interest. Meanwhile, the ER remains on alert.

Emery (age 2) picks up new words easily and entertains us (on videos) by lip syncing every song. She does gymnastics with her sister, and all three Carlson kids enjoy working out at CrossFit with their mama.

And now for the 2019 Halloween costumes!

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4 Responses to grandkid roundup

  1. Marcile says:

    But, GRAMA, where is your costume?

  2. Jo Helsabeck says:

    Loved seeing the “roundup”! ❤️

  3. Jen M. says:

    Great gaggle of grandkids! Your comments about Avery made me chuckle.

  4. Beth says:

    This is fun! I’m just seeing it now. A bunch of my emails have been going to junk. I think I fixed the problem. Thanks for the cool post!

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