oh how God loves those babies!

It’s been 12 years since Quinn and her family traveled from Colorado to Juarez, Mexico, with a team from their church to build a house for a deserving family. While they were there she learned that one in four babies born there never reached their first birthday due to malnutrition and/or infection from severe diaper rash. Parents didn’t name their babies until they believed the danger had passed.

As a mother of three, Quinn’s heart broke over this unimaginable statistic. A clear calling to act on that great need led her to start Babies of Juarez. Read the short story in her own words HERE. Narrowing the solution to diapers and formula, she began sharing the need any way she could think of.

Imagine Quinn’s excitement at Babies of Juarez’s very first donation. And twelve years later . . .

. . . accepting donations is no less exciting! My visit last week had fortuitous timing; I got to help Quinn, Neil, and Randee move the huge collection from the Andersons’ church — Redemption Gateway — the prior weekend. The wall behind me (as I took this picture) was stacked with formula.

Donations like these, and the financial gifts that allow Quinn and her crew to purchase diapers and formula, over these years have fed and diapered babies who might not have survived otherwise. Oh, how God loves those babies! He moved in the hearts of many, many donors to reduce the mortality rate in the colonias outside Juarez to nearly zero.

This is the new header for the Babies of Juarez website, newly updated! You might have clicked on the link above (I hope so) and already saw it. Quinn is so shy about taking any credit for her efforts that it took Dusty’s convincing help for her to allow her photo to be part of it.

Still! My favorite part of the website update is the PHOTOS page! Pictures guide you through the process that puts your donations into the hands of the Mexican mamas. It’s a sight to behold!

Once you’ve witnessed the beauty of the process, you’ll no doubt find the annual Dorthy’s Match and Legacy Match offer irresistible!

Dear friend of Babies of Juarez,

 A big part of our family’s annual Thanksgiving build in Juarez is seeing first hand what our doubled dollars offer the mothers who struggle to raise healthy babies. Mauri and I are making plans for our tenth trip and would love to cross the border with another trailer filled with diapers and formula.

Dorothy’s Match began six years ago with an account left behind by family friend Dorothy Barratt; Legacy Match, now in its fourth year, was started by Dave and Sue Martinson in memory of Paul Carlson (Quinn’s dad). Because of these associations, your ongoing participation holds meaning higher than financial. May I encourage you to take advantage of one of these matching-gift options? Your gift is doubled dollar for dollar and 100 cents of every dollar is spent on diapers and formula. Donations are tax deductible through Blessing for Life (Babies of Juarez’s own non-profit). 

If you want to double your dollars*, either…
…write a check to “Babies of Juarez” (Dorothy’s Match or Legacy Match in the memo line), then email sherrymacy@gmail.com for my mailing address;
…or visit babiesofjuarez.org/get-involved/ and click on “visit PayPal site.” Remember to designate your gift with one of the match names: Dorothy’s Match or Legacy Match.

This is one of my favorite pictures. When these grateful moms learned Quinn would be in Mexico, they made a plan to thank her as a group. Of course she would never OK my using it on the Babies of Juarez website because it feels too much like taking credit for what you do. But I promise you she told them (through a translator) how much God loves them and their babies and shows it through the gifts of many people in America who love them too!

Please consider adding your support to this good work for these dear families just across our border. Life there is so different from ours, but the parents love their children in the same way we love ours. And isn’t it extra fun that we can do it together?

(*matching gift offers end November 18, 2019)

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