a week in the heat

A week ago I drove the two hours to Eugene in a downpour to catch a flight to Phoenix Gateway Airport, which is a ten-minute drive to Quinn and Dusty’s home. They accept and honor my preference to not be entertained but to simply join in with whatever is happening at the time. In other words—just be part of the family.

This week “part of the family” included being chauffeured to Target by the newest licensed Anderson driver. I can thank a canceled basketball practice for this shopping outing with her. My observations indicate 16-year-olds have very busy lives that include student council assignments (especially during spirit/homecoming week), classes, coffee/study dates, games and practices, National Honor Society assignments, church youth group. My observations also indicate it’s a good thing she can chauffeur herself now!

We were on a mission that I’ll write about soon, but I’m including this photo because of our location—Redemption Church Gateway’s brand new campus, built adjacent to the rented facility they occupied for ten years. It’s my church away from home, and I feel especially connected because I get to listen to the messages on YouTube every week. Here’s the one I heard in person on Sunday! We’re studying Exodus.

Here’s a literal snapshot of life at the Andersons. Marissa had stopped by with three friends; all four girls attend Grand Canyon University. They were chatting at the kitchen counter when Dusty arrived home from work (he commutes to Portland every week!) and all of us jumped up to greet him. Notice who beat the rest of us to the door—Marissa’s friends!

Not that we always need one, but this visit had the main purpose of our annual adventure to a Beth Moore “Living Proof Live” conference. This year the one in Austin, Texas, fit our timeline, so off we flew another two hours to the east.

She booked us a room in a hotel walking distance from the conference venue, so of course we walked, Texas heat notwithstanding!

We knew it would mean walking “home” after dark, but it also saved us the $10 parking fee.

This was a smaller crowd (4,000) than other LPLs we’ve attended, which gave it a more intimate feel. You can see we snagged our favorite top-row, top-of-the-stairs spot. Pictures are great for showing you place. But they are absolutely worthless in giving you the sense of belonging and the camaraderie of the group and the wonderfulness of the singing and the soul-satisfaction of the teaching. You just need to go yourself. Check out the 2020 schedule and make a plan!

Maybe Quinn and I will see you there. . .

Here’s how Beth compacted her teaching theme on social media:

I really did mean to take and include this picture. Some people name their children for ancestors or people they admire; Quincy Joy got her name because I loved (still love) the letter Q.

This might be just what you think it is—inspiration to kick up our heels and party down, so to speak. They don’t want us to get dozy for the third teaching session, so some lively music is prescribed. And at the strike of noon we hurried to the airport for our return flight.

I always lag behind to catch one of my favorite shots—the family going to church. Their number has dwindled to three with Bailey married and Marissa at college.

Wow! I hadn’t noticed until now just how much taller one is than the other.

Bless her heart, she and Issy Bear were the only ones at home to give me the traditional white-hanky farewell when Dusty took me to the airport. She knows how to make her Gus happy. I smiled all the way home.

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