we do what we do

Someone beat us to reserving Captain’s Cabin for the week of our anniversary, so we took the closest to it—this week! Turns out we’re sharing Harbor Villa with a high school youth group from Northwest Baptist Church in Bellingham, WA. “Happy anniversary!” and friendly waves were passed our way, and we continue to love the holy hubbub of their outdoor gatherings. And right up the street at the camp, it’s Surfside week, an important factor more than 25 years ago in deciding when to schedule our wedding because Mauri’s then-high-school-age kids didn’t want to miss it.

So here we are, halfway through our week. We each brought a project to work on. Mauri’s revolves around music, mine around pictures. After 25 years of life together, our interests have not changed and likely won’t. All of our time is spare time these retired days, so we are happy to simply do what we do.

Breakfast at the table in sleep clothes and bedhead. We are who we are.

And we do what we do. Take yesterday for example. We put on walking shoes and crossed the street to visit Deb’s garden. When we were here after Easter she showed us her work in progress, so we were eager to see the “fruit” of her labor.

Bless her, she pulled some invisible veggies out of the earth, assuring us they “need to be thinned,” and we remembered aloud the remnants of a shared Caesar salad in our fridge from a Tillamook Cheese Factory lunch. So she added a few snap peas to our “basket” and I quickly carried them back to our little kitchen for lunch later.

Now a walk on the beach.

Who says there’s no such think as a free lunch? We’re quite sure we’d’a tossed those sad leftover greens were it not for those fortuitous toppers. Thanks, Deb! You’re an excellent veggie grower!

Some afternoon project work for him. He brought a file of original scores that date back to the ’70s. It’s fun and interesting to hear his response to them this many years later—what he still likes, what he would change.

A step in my afternoon work: editing and placing the perfect cover shot for Declan’s book. The boy turns 4 in a few weeks, so I want it ready to add those last pictures before sending a pre-print (Shutterfly) proof to his parents. What could be more fun than that? And should I mention my perfect view of the rocks and ocean out that window?

With a half-hour window before we leave for dinner (breakfast & lunch in; dinner out), I head out for a solo walk. The tide is in, making most of the sand too soft for speed. I gave it my best.

A lovely and familiar drive up to Nehalem, two towns north of Rockaway. We followed the fishprints to a food cart Mauri had researched and found reviewed as 5 stars.

Yep—that’s just as described! I’m not normally a fish eater but embraced the whole experience as part of what we do.

We saved room for dessert at the ice cream shop our friends Ridgely and Wally discovered and highly recommended earlier this summer. Too bad it was closed on Tuesday. Oh well, not everything has to be perfect to be awesome (so says the hanging above our fireplace). So we bought Tillamook ice cream bars at a local market and sat by the quiet river, watching for that elusive eagle or kingfisher.

Back in the car Mauri asks: “Wanna go look for elk?” This question didn’t come out of the blue. Years ago in Nehalem we happened upon a huge herd of elk in a residential area, so we knew there was a remote possibility there’d be some lurking about.

Lo and behold . . .

We sat a long time, watching them slowly emerge from the grasses on the right side of the road, meander down the road toward the water, then into the grasses on the left. Could we have orchestrated the moment any better?

We took a longcut back to our cabin through this familiar countryside, drinking in the beauty of our coastline. Doing what we do.

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4 Responses to we do what we do

  1. Walter J Everly says:

    And we love who you are and love what you do. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ridgely says:

    Northwest Baptist is one of the churches we attended when Jessi was in HS! She went on a retreat down there in 2001! So sorry the ice cream place was closed, hope you’ll try again!

  3. Jen M says:

    “Not everything has to be perfect to be awesome.” Yes. Good reminder.
    I always enjoy reading about your adventures.

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