road trip back from utah

Let’s see, I think we left off at the white-hanky farewell. Such good sports!

At this point we were ready to put some miles on the car and get ourselves to Boise, where a cute little airbnb would give us a quiet place to put our feet up.

It was my turn to drive. The speed limit allowed for 80 mph, so I was going 80 when I started to pass a semi, oblivious to its impending blowout.

We were side by side when I heard a loud ca-clump, then held on tight as we navigated the bombardment of tire fragments. The truck finally pulled over, but we kept going to the rest stop a few miles up the road near Bliss, Idaho.

We walked around the front to look for nicks or bruises only to discover this “thing” in our grill. Our “well, isn’t that interesting?” quickly became gratitude it didn’t take out our windshield––and one of us in the process!

What is that “thing”? Thanks to friends on Facebook we learned it is a tie-down bracket from the truck. Logic says the force of the blown tire shot this toward us as we passed.

Our AC was immediately out, but we made it to Boise without the engine overheating.

This little add-on doesn’t look like much from the outside, but inside the space was well appointed and nicely decorated for our comfort.

This little kitchenette was efficiently designed and gave us all we needed to make our coffee and shakes. I thought it the perfect design for our upstairs space, using this photo to help me remember it!

We didn’t want to let that highway incident interfere with our plan to eat lunch with our Boise cousins. You know how I feel about cousins! These are on Mauri’s mother’s side.

And some of the bambinos.

You needed to see Eric’s shirt!

Four-week-old Millie came too. It was just great to see everyone!

We had a few hours to build up an appetite for more food, this time for dinner at Texas Roadhouse with longtime friend Don and his wife of 13 years, Christina. Mauri claims to have “only two stories,” but he has many more than two that involve iconoclastic Don. It was fun to renew this friendship and to get acquainted with Christina, who couldn’t “complete” Don any better.

Don wanted to take a look at our car issues, which might have prevented us from serious trouble on the drive home.

See that heart-shaped hole right there? Gorilla tape would not seal it sufficiently, and radiator fluid spouted as the engine ran! So first thing the next morning we showed up at a repair shop to get the help we needed to make our way home. Mechanics also repaired the AC, so the drive home felt like smooth sailing.

I entertain no thought this mechanical stuff holds any interest for you. It’s part of our story and a clear indication of God’s care for us. But to make it up to you, here’s a short video from Saturday. That’s Mauri and me singing (a portion of) our family birthday song to two-year-old Avery and Emery via Facetime. 

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