for the love of lyle!

We bought these tickets long before weather could be predicted in Troutdale—or anywhere, for that matter. The scene through our window yesterday morning didn’t hold much promise, but Mauri’s weather app promised the rain would stop in time for the concert.

Memory flashes from the line we stood in nine years ago at the same venue gave us pause, but not enough to change our minds about going. We did let our memory of the parking fiasco at the venue dictate our departure time, so we were on the road early enough to avoid traffic, find a place to park, and eat a leisurely lunch.

So far so good! And who would complain about finding two seats together to the bar with no wait? Not us!

Mauri helped me finish the last bites of this most delicious…

“bolognese—bucatini pasta, ground natural ribeye, tomato, garlic, parmesan” — I copy/pasted this from the menu so you can be sure to order it next time you’re at the Black Rabbit Restaurant and Bar! Sorry I didn’t save any for you.

We then had lots of time left to kill because, well, we had paid extra for reserved seats and wouldn’t need to stand in line at all! As we sat inside, watching people, I saw this. 2014 was the last year July 27 landed on a Sunday and 2025 is the next time. This is very useful information for someone; maybe not you. But it illustrates the low level of conversation I could offer Mauri as we waited. And yet—we spoke out our standard “We gonna see anyone we know?” a number of times as we watched other concertgoers walk the halls. “Not yet, but I’m lookin’!”

Rain or shine. We were still waiting for shine when we decided to head in and find our seats. No “TSA pre-check” on our tickets, and security was tough! Mauri’s pocket knife didn’t make the cut, so we were glad our car was a short walk away!

As we headed toward our seats we heard voices calling “Mauri!” Not only did we “see someone we know,” but our seats were right beside Jim and Pam, long-time friends from church. In fact, Pam was secretary at the NFC office when Mauri first started working there in 1980! What are the odds? They are big Lyle Lovett fans, maybe even bigger than we are.

A small portion of the other fans crazy enough to brave the unpredictable weather.

Lyle and his large band did not disappoint! He sang many of the old familiar tunes and a few new ones that made us smile, sometimes laugh.

If you’ve never experienced Lyle Lovett, HERE‘s a video that comes close to what we heard. I wanted to pick one that included his longtime lead back-up singer, Francine Reed.

Does everyone look a little wet? The audience, I mean!

We were a lot more than a little wet, that’s for sure! By the end of the concert we die-hard fans were soaked to the skin and chilled to the bone.

Take a guess which one of us was the first to turn on our seat warmer for the drive home.

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3 Responses to for the love of lyle!

  1. Jen M. says:

    Brave and loyal fans, you are. I really like Lyle Lovett, too, and I debated long and hard about whether or not to buy tickets to that concert. I’m not sure why I decided not to, but now I’m kind of glad I did 😁. However, ONE day I will see Lyle in concert. Fun that Mauri and you got to watch the show with Pam and Jim.

  2. Ridge says:

    Ohhh, brings back fond memories of seeing Lyle at the Folk Music Festival in Vancouver, BC, lo those many years ago!

  3. Deborah Goins Johansen says:

    So cool! Last time I was at Edgefield for a concert it was Weird Al Yankovic!! I love that you had a serendipitous experience with Jim and Pam!! What a hoot!!

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