cousins are forever

Oh, how I love cousins! I love my DNA cousins; I love Paul’s cousins; I love Mauri’s cousins, I love Margaret-Rose’s cousins! If there’s a trace of cousin in my/our extended family—I will claim him/her!

Given this declaration, you might imagine how drawn I was to attend a gathering of Macy cousins in central Oregon last weekend. 

The attraction goes further than the people, in this case, because I’ve been accompanying Mauri to this remarkable place since before we were married and collected my own stories that include kissing baby pigs and eating Aunt Marie’s eggs.

This sibling cousin set represents travel from Minnesota (Phyllis, left), Dan (Alaska), and Kathy (Washington, right), with Sarita (Hawaii, middle) who represents in this photo the brother who died suddenly a few years ago and was sorely missed in this gathering.

I love extra those who make such a valiant effort to be present for the rest of us.

Milne and her daughter Tegan live right there on the property, hard-working family farmers!

Through the benefit of Facebook, I get to see Tegan and her sister, Kailee, show their prize 4H pigs.

And I get to see Tegan “swath her pasture.” This might be an ad for Facebook because seeing this makes visiting the farm all the more meaningful. (Thanks, Milne!)

And who knew our John Macy family would arrive for some family time? They’d just spent the week camping on the Oregon Coast with their siblings, drove home to Newberg that morning, spent an hour regrouping, then drove across the mountain to be part of this gathering. John chat’s with his cousin Mike, who belongs to Milne.

That table of stuff occupied my attention for a long while as it was like a “free” one-table garage sale, donations brought by family members. It was covered with good stuff (Thanks, Reata!).

Kiersten (middle), Janae, and I bonded over all the jewelry; they quickly became my fashion consultants and talked me out of my boring one-necklace, one-ring, one-pair-of-earrings stance. Janae fitted me with an ear cuff, of all things! Too bad it’s on my left ear. <sad face>

Mauri had a good view of us and told me later that watching us was one of his biggest highlights. See him there between Kiersten and Janae?

You can’t hear it, but as I write I’m listening to the James Taylor CD I chose from a portion of cousin Doug Macy’s music collection that occupied another “help-yourself” table. (Thanks, Rebecca!)

It wouldn’t be a Macy family gathering without historic pictures!

Sage and Brynn get a taste of farm life.

Who could pass up s’mores?

Neither could she?

C**z, Janae’s son, is the same age as Brynn. It was fun to watch a generation down the family tree get acquainted.

At 8:45 the evening after the longest day of the year, I looked to the east and saw Sage with R***o, brother of C**z, in this picturesque setting. Time to call it a day.

Around 50 people showed up, though I didn’t get pictures of all. I was on a walk around the farm with my Macy girls and missed out on this photo op of the first cousins. But it came to me from three sources (they all know I love pictures!), one with this information: “There were originally 25 grandchildren of Clara and Harlan Macy, now there are 20, so this is a pretty good number to get together.
Back row, Gregg, Rebecca, Mauri, Richard, John, Dan, Kathy
Front row Marilyn, Ed, Reata, Phyllis”

Each one a gem and dearly loved!

Since we could, we made Central Oregon a mini vacation, staying over two nights in an airbnb in Redmond. Sitting with my camera in this scenic setting (Smith Rock State Park), I had to admit:

I need people in my pictures. Yes, God’s creation—what can beat that?

But of all the pictures I took from that spot, this is my favorite. Go figure!

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5 Responses to cousins are forever

  1. Becky Williams says:

    You captured it all. Thank you for this writing. I truly did enjoy seeing everyone again at the Macy Ranch. And a big thank you for all that made it happen!

  2. John Macy says:

    It was a grand time together. So glad everyone made the effort to join us. Your synopsis and photo collage captures the heart and spirit of the gathering. Thank you!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Thanks so much. Your gift with the camera is a gift to us all. ❤️

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