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What have I been up to lately? Thanks for asking!

For one thing, I’ve been poring over old family pictures sent to me by cousin Helen Katherine. She pre-pored over them, writing names and dates on the backs of those not already identified, and packed them in envelopes by family units. No small investment of time and attention!

Not all were new to me, having already inherited from multiple sources, but I found great interest in the new-to-me pics.

My very favorite photos are candid, the ones that allow a glimpse of real life. These are my grandparents with their first two children. They don’t appear to be too concerned that their baby, my dad, is about to take a dive into the creek.

It appears this uncle is holding a tiny pig.

But why is my young grandfather posing with a hive of bees? Inquiring minds want to know.

I’ve always loved this picture of my dad with his younger brother, Frankie.

But I’ve never seen this picture of the grieving family at Frankie’s grave.

I imagine you’re thinking what I’m thinking about that dress!

Last but certainly not least—my grandpa toward the end of his life. I remember him in this stage, since I was 5 years old at the time. But this photo is, to me, a remarkable study, and I find it hard to move away from it. The perfect natural lighting, Grandpa’s pose, the bird cage, the table lamp, the coffee pot.

Moving on . . .

I spent a few days this week up in Castle Rock, Washington, with my friend Nita. It’s not so far away that I couldn’t drive up and home in the same day, but there’s something nice about having the extra time to take walks, go for coffee, and talk about everything.

Here she is by the city jail.

Lee read us an after-dinner story.

Their peaceful home has a most wonderful view that makes a visitor want to just put her feet up and read her book.

It’s #oneadaymay, so I’ve been posting one photo every day on social media. This was my May 1 entry—a shot of my “new” bike that had just transported me to Starbucks for a coffee date with a friend. The month has been filled with these dates, though I’ve never developed a taste for coffee. I’ve been intentional about sharing with my friends, one on one, my reasons for making a change in worship communities.

May 4 #oneadaymay. The two Macy players in Newberg Brass, providing the entertainment at Chapters Books and Coffee for First Friday.

May 5 #oneadaymay. We planted this camellia bush in a hollow log from our old apple tree that once lived in that same spot.

May 7 #oneadaymay. A Mothers Day gift from Quinn, who knows her mama very well.

May 19 #oneadaymay. This is Church of the Vine, where I worship on Sunday mornings now. It’s a long story, but I’ll write these few sentences of explanation.

After Mauri retired, we left Newberg Friends because that’s what pastors do when they’ve worked at the same church for 33 years. I found community at Hillside Fellowship, loving the people and the pastors and the theology. I continued to work for Newberg Friends, and when a big split happened and half the congregation and all the pastors left, I needed to return to NFC to help with the transition to a new pastor. Meanwhile, Hillside Fellowship transitioned to Church of the Vine and became an Anglican community.

So I’ve been reading and listening to the podcast Word & Table to get acquainted with Anglican theology. Though I’m not on board 100 percent, I am finding unity in spirit with the liturgy and feel more and more at home with it, always looking forward to Sunday.

Our friend Bethany launched her book of poetry, The Breath Between.

So we showed up at her party at the local library.

And that, my friends, is what I’ve been up to lately. And you?

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2 Responses to this and that

  1. Marcile Crandall says:

    At first glance of your Dad with his little brother, Frankie, my mind said, That’ s Taylor’s son.

  2. Jen M. says:

    Fun mix. On Saturday, Alice was at our house sorting through some boxes that are left from her move. We saw some great family pictures.

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