mother’s planters

Here it is, Mothers Day again, and I have refreshed my annual tradition of putting something alive and lovely in my mother’s planters.

This blog comes in handy when I forget certain facts such as the origin of the planters I moved from Florida to Michigan after Mother died, then to Oregon when I married Mauri. A search brought up this post, where I read they were a gift to Grandma Nill from her grandson Kevin.

I posted that story in 2006, when Quinn and Cassidy showed up for Mothers Day and helped me in my slightly disabled (broken ankle) condition fulfill my tradition.

Even in 2006, the condition of those planters had declined from how they looked on our front step in Michigan.

It’s been several years since Mother’s planters have had the attention they deserve.

Half way finished shows just how bad I let them get. Don’t tell anyone I turned the cracked and crumbling sides away from the street view. Sigh.

Happy Mothers Day to my mama.

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