bailey graduates from dordt

Visiting Dordt as one option for his college education, Bailey had no trouble choosing.

Four years and a double major later!

A venue this size to accommodate the family of 352 graduates meant we grandparents “attended” graduation via cyberspace.

It’s all good! We had a good view of Bailey in all the important parts.

It took me a while to spot him in this sea of caps and gowns.

Turns out Bailey walked in the final graduation as Dordt College. On Monday it will be known as Dordt University.

And now, everyone poses with the graduate. Sarah and Bailey are in countdown mode to their wedding day—June 1!

Cassidy has adored her big brother since day one—and the vice is versa! Marissa would be in this picture too, but she’s saying farewell to her studying-abroad friends in Verona, Italy.

With his proud parents. Emphasis on proud!

What’s next for Bailey (besides getting married!)? He and Sarah plan a move to Illinois for one season of football coaching experience at the University of Chicago. I’ll stick to a short answer because this is all I’m mostly sure about.

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