garage work week

We both marked our calendars and somewhat avoided filling it with rehearsals and coffee dates so we could concentrate our attention on a sadly neglected area of our house—the garage.

Now don’t try to tell me you’ve never been in our shoes, no matter what size you wear. Out-of-control garages are part of the curse on mankind, and only the saintliest of earthbound humans keep order in theirs.

For this reason I bypass the humiliation of showing you before pictures, thus saving you the certain tsk tsking at your computer/phone. After all, we’ve spent the past 25 years creating the necessity for a garage work week!

Even after multiple trips to the dump, Goodwill, antique stores, and ReStore, we still had a few items we’d rather gift than donate or toss.

While this workhorse had already given our Carlson family many years of service, it traveled cross country to find new purpose as Mauri’s tool, um, trap. When he inherited family hand-me-downs, they found a place in one of these drawers. So “work week” hours were dedicated to discerning just how many hammers (etc.) a person of his station in life needs.

Once emptied and cleaned up (better than what you see),

…we put a dolly under it and pushed it down the street to its new home.

Turns out Mary Ann loves to strip and restore old furniture in the chic chalky style. But even before we showed up, Dan, a retired contractor, thought it could be better served as a home for his vast tool collection. Right on! It has experience in tool storage.

Much better! A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Then I needed to find a new home for this large beveled mirror that has been hidden behind a desk for the 25 years that have passed since it traveled west on the U-haul. I have long since forgotten its story, making it very easy to release attachment to it.

I emailed this photo to our friends who are restoring an old nut dryer up on the mountain, Jess said yes! Win/win! They get the mirror; we get a tour of their fabulous restoration project.

Who knew our garage work week would come with perks?

Oh, and of the shelf of things we thought the Macy boys might want, these were left unclaimed. For some reason neither son wanted to take them home.

With so much stuff rehomed, who needs shelves? Which leads me to show you the very best part of this project.

I don’t have to walk sideways to my car anymore!

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3 Responses to garage work week

  1. Faye pruitt says:

    I don’t comment very often, Sherry, but I always enjoy your blogs! You have a knack for making ordinary every day things come alive. Yay for a garage cleaning. Ours is organized enough that I can park in it. But we both realize we’re hanging onto stuff that probably should go. One of these days it will. ❤️ To both of you from both of us! And I still listen to your music tapes in my van as I’m traveling.

  2. Randee says:

    Feels good! I love cleaning out. Good job😘

  3. Jennifer Maurer says:

    Congrats! A dreaded project is done, and you had some fun doing it. Our garage in our big house is tiny, so I will always have to walk sideways to get in or out of my car. Wah. 😢 First world problem, I know. 😁

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