coastal reflections

I listed this post in the category of “travels,” but a drive to the coast barely qualifies. And in a place that feels like a home away from home, with so many warm, familiar fuzzies, it more appropriately fits under “in the neighborhood.”

This panoramic shot skews the perspective but lets me include all the Harbor Villa accommodations, an embellished amount of grass, and a bit of the ocean (if you squint). I added that arrow on the left to show the tiny cabin we love for this obvious reason.

I didn’t take pictures of the inside, so I’ll include this 1979 photo of Mauri (legs), Rachel (ponytail), John (shades), Pete (arm raised), and Brandy (furry). Margaret-Rose is likely the photographer. It illustrates just how far back vacationing at Captain’s Cabin goes in our Macy family.

For balance, I offer this sunset pano of the beautiful Twin Rocks of Rockaway Beach fame.

We made friends with this little guy, Mauri seeking its identity on his phone app.

He (or she) reappeared often enough to pose long enough for us to get our cameras with their telephoto lenses. I’ll admit I’m proud of this shot, but I won’t admit how many shutter openings it took. I often say “I take a lot of pictures, and I throw a lot of pictures away!”

I emailed this to my birder sister-in-law, Margi, and she accurately identified it as a white-crowned sparrow.

Of course we walked on the beach, but one day we meandered through this remarkable space, described on the Rockaway website: “In the middle of the residential section of town is an ancient cedar bog that contains some extremely large and old western red cedars (Thuja plicata) and Sitka spruce (Picea sitchesis). This is not the urban forest, this is the forest primeval somehow preserved within the city. Furthermore, this type of forest, with large cedars and spruce on flat ground, would have been extremely lucrative to loggers. Today it is very rare to see an old-growth cedar bog anywhere on the Oregon coast.”

We highly recommend it! Especially on a sunny day.

Photo credit: Mauri Macy

Another feathered friend posed for my camera.

This one made me smile.

We walked out on a pier, and the undisturbed water offered us views of the life below. This sizable crab moved fast, likely because humans with visions of a crab dinner dancing in their heads raked the water nearby.

This picture gives my post’s title a dual meaning.

It’s fun to leave home base to investigate new sights/sites, but I couldn’t imagine a better view than this.

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1 Response to coastal reflections

  1. Hannah says:

    What a beautiful little sparrow. I appreciate how sweetly you love your husband. How good it is for those who need good examples.

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