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this and that

What have I been up to lately? Thanks for asking! For one thing, I’ve been poring over old family pictures sent to me by cousin Helen Katherine. She pre-pored over them, writing names and dates on the backs of those … Continue reading

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mother’s planters

Here it is, Mothers Day again, and I have refreshed my annual tradition of putting something alive and lovely in my mother’s planters. This blog comes in handy when I forget certain facts such as the origin of the planters … Continue reading

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bailey graduates from dordt

Visiting Dordt as one option for his college education, Bailey had no trouble choosing. Four years and a double major later! A venue this size to accommodate the family of 352 graduates meant we grandparents “attended” graduation via cyberspace. It’s … Continue reading

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garage work week

We both marked our calendars and somewhat avoided filling it with rehearsals and coffee dates so we could concentrate our attention on a sadly neglected area of our house—the garage. Now don’t try to tell me you’ve never been in … Continue reading

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coastal reflections

I listed this post in the category of “travels,” but a drive to the coast barely qualifies. And in a place that feels like a home away from home, with so many warm, familiar fuzzies, it more appropriately fits under … Continue reading

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