My retirement is now six months old, and I’m still basking in the freedoms it has opened for me.

Not long ago I got to interview the director of Chehalem Cultural Center for a story in this issue of The View. His enthusiasm left me with no alternative but to become a member of Newberg’s “cultural gem.” I realized being so busy with work et al had separated me from my community as I more often than not chose an introvert’s position of comfort a the chair at home (where I now sit).

So to start off, I registered for the annual Camellia Festival 10k/5k run/walk as a 5k walker. It was a first-timer, conservative choice.

The 10k runners/walkers left first, and I happened to capture my young friend Emily in the picture,

wearing her always-pleasant demeanor.

Newberg’s mayor announces the lineup for us 5kers.

We less-competitive walkers did our best to give the runners a good start.

That’s my friend Connie (red jacket) with her daughter, Tami, part of my smaller community within the bigger one.

This enthusiastic cheerleader danced and shouted encouragement as we passed.

I heard my name announced as I crossed. Sharon! Oh, my parents (who named me for Jesus, Rose of Sharon) would have loved that!

I stopped to pick up my free camellia plant,

and asked a friend to take my picture. Mission accomplished, I walked on home to start the laundry. It is Saturday, after all. Retirement hasn’t changed everything!

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7 Responses to 5k

  1. Marcile Crandall says:

    Yea for you😘

  2. Beth says:

    Wow! Incredible! Go mOm!!! Maybe you can go to CrossFit with me next time😉

  3. Nita Duncan says:

    good for you!


  4. Randee Anderson says:

    Woohoo! You go girl! This is just the beginning 💖

    Randee Sent from my iPhone


  5. Nancy Mylander says:

    Very impressive!

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