Poetry emerged as a theme this weekend, not that we planned it or anything.

I guess it started when Mauri received a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay in his email about the arrival of spring. Several lines caught his attention, compelling him to share it with me. “It is not enough that yearly, down the hill, April comes like an idiot, babbling and strewing flowers.”

But then our friend Bethany, who herself has written a book of poetry that is about to make its debut, was being featured with her harp at a poetry reading by Oregon Poet Laureate Kim Stafford.

We were both smitten with his easy manner and engaging writings,

especially when the two read/played in tandem. We were so glad to be part of this!

And part three of our poetry weekend involves this event six months ago when my whole family gave me the surprise of my life.

Sage gifted me a date to the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland. Our first attempt to go was thwarted by a snow storm, and today, determined, we carried umbrellas because it was pouring rain when we left Newberg. But look ^ —blue sky.

Looking down …

… and looking up, we found plenty of inspiration to participate in the Couplet Poetry Arch Activity featured at the garden.

But it was tea time, and the upper level of the tea room called out.

We had a server all to ourselves, and he kindly complied to our request for a photo. While we sipped bamboo tea, we composed couplets from our list of key words.

Back at the arch, we wrote out our compositions. My granddaughter, the poet!

She added her couplet to the arch. I wrote one too. Something about the koi performing their troupe’s routine.

Hers is much more, um, poetic.

Dr. Jiyu Yang, Chinese musician, calligrapher, and brush painter, demonstrated his talent. He was just getting started, but it was inspiring to watch for a while before our parking meter ran out of time. And we needed to hit the gift shop!

What a fun morning! And to think we drove there in pouring rain. Oregon!

But there was more! The date included lunch . . . and Sage likes Thai food. Me too!

I delivered her back home with her parasol from the gift shop. Cutie patootie. . .

Thanks, Sage! I sure enjoyed our date. Happy retirement to me!

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1 Response to poetry

  1. Jen M says:

    You are celebrating National Poetry Month, even if unplanned. 🙂 Fun excursion.

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