art museum

I’ll bet you didn’t know we have an art museum two blocks from our house. Its hours are 9 to 10:45am and only open today. Of course I didn’t want miss out, so I went!

Given its small window of opportunity, no one else wanted to miss out either.

My ticket gave entry but no docent met me, which allowed me freedom to self-tour the displays. One particular artist’s work caught my attention.

I was surprised to see she was an art instructor, and I was honored to be invited to sit at her table!

My teacher was so thorough, she even added her own elements to my creation.

This wall display of self-portraits caught my attention. Kindergarten art impressionism is fun to interpret, but rather than presume I recognized Brynn from among her classmates, I asked for her help. I had an ulterior motive for wanting accuracy.

Are you at all surprised I have a photo folder titled “self-portraits”?

These two are the works of son-in-law artist John Williams.

Could be his son, Oscar, drew this portrait of his dad.

Not exactly a self-portrait either, this portrait ended up in the folder.

And this one of ME by an unknown artist who perfectly captured my essence during those years after our tandem crash and leading up to surgical back repair.

Back from that little side trip into my photo files. I’m prone to wander, as you know. Here’s my art instructor with her mama, a volunteer at this museum.

I’ll leave you with my favorite of all the art media on display at the museum. Sometime I’ll walk around our house and photograph all the similar pottery pieces I still consider art from my children’s school years. Sitting here in my office I can point to three such treasures. Consider that a warning.

Yes, I’m that pathetic.

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2 Responses to art museum

  1. Nancy Nordyke Mylander says:

    Love it! A family FULL of artists.

  2. Jo Helsabeck says:

    What a colorful, happy room! I can imagine the excited chatter of the patrons and instructors! I love all the artwork!

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