treasures in wooden form

Have I mentioned I’ve been releasing attachments / deaccumulating lately?

Yea, I suppose I have. Well, I’m still doing it.

Nine wooden puzzles. I’d be rich if I had a dime for every single time I put them together through three childhoods, none my own. That tow-truck puzzle is way harder than it looks. Actually, it’s a small miracle I still have all the pieces. But guess what! I have three grandchildren just the right ages for Playskool puzzles!

So I sent these pictures to their mama in Virgina, and she said YES, they’d love them!

I put each one in a big white envelope so the pieces would stay put. The P.O. has a one-price-fits-all priority box just the right size. Wooden puzzles weigh a lot, but because the box has no weight limit I packed all the extra space with . . .

. . . blocks! Maybe you remember that some of these blocks ended up in Quinn’s Babies of Juarez shadowbox.

In Virginia, you can see who was most eager to recreate his childhood joy of block building (while the stack of puzzles waits for another time).

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