i stopped noticing . . .

You might remember my admission that I’m leaving messes all over the house. This is a small one, comparatively speaking, and its scope is narrowed to electronics. We decided this living room chair was a good place to leave it until our calendars aligned and we could sort through it together to decide what cord matches what gadget, etc., and whether we even still use it.

Let’s see, how many weeks ago was that?

Meanwhile, John came over one evening to make music (and entertain the dog) in that room. My photography carefully avoided the mess in the chair (and elsewhere).

When Bethany came over yesterday morning with scones and some show ‘n’ tell, the living room mess hadn’t entered my mind. You know how you stop noticing? I’m pretty sure that’s why we didn’t get around to dealing with it.

You’re curious about those pens. Yes, seven fountain pens! Bethany didn’t come with the intention of showing us the seven pens she carries around in her small purse. Each one has a story; each one might be her favorite for individual reasons. “This one has a protected nib; this one has a fine point; Bryan gave me this one for my birthday; Bryan gave me this one . . .; I ordered this one online because it had Bethany written all over it!”

This, when all the time she only intended to chat and to show us her new website. She’d probably stopped noticing she carries seven pens in her purse.

Oh and she came for one other reason.

To make beautiful music (and entertain the dog) in our living room. Here I am again, behind the camera, taking photos strategically to avoid certain messes we’re stopped noticing.

And so, today we got after that mess and look! Some progress in the ongoing effort to deaccumulate.

Next up . . . get those IKEA curtains hemmed and hung. The rest of the mess is mostly empty containers (the first step is to admit you have a problem. . .).

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1 Response to i stopped noticing . . .

  1. Brother Johnny says:

    You gave me a challenge in my new large garage! Only two of 4 spaces available!

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