more shadowbox fun

We waited not very patiently for Bailey to text his parents and fiancé that his delayed flight from Iowa to Arizona had finally boarded. Each of us “waiters” had our own reason for wanting him to hurry home from college for the Thanksgiving break.

Of course I wanted to see him, but I had already waited a few months for the moment he and Sarah would open the special Sudie’s Corner creation — a shadowbox reproduction of their engagement scene.

You might remember last July when I wrote about this event. Susana, of Sudie’s Corner, agreed to put her artistic abilities toward this project of recreating the engagement scene as a tangible reminder for the lovebirds.

As with the shadowbox she made for John and Erin, featuring the home they were about to leave, Susana patiently back-forthed with me to get all the details right.

Can you see Sarah holding her diamond ring? And how cool it was that Bailey included his sisters in the surprise!

I was beside myself when it was time to pick up the masterpiece! Seriously. Have you ever met anyone as sappy sentimental as I am?

But I had another reason to eagerly anticipate Bailey’s arrival. Susana had made another shadowbox—this one for Quinn.

You might have some idea how much I love this picture of Quinn being thanked by these moms who receive the benefit of her work with diapers and formula for the… Babies of Juarez. So this became the basis for a shadowbox for me to gift Quinn to honor her good work.

Those ever-present sunglasses atop her head had to be part of her peg-doll image.

The shirt and even the tattoo were added too.

Susana worked really hard on the mamas and babies, having never painted people before this.

And yet . . . look! Isn’t it just grand?

So many people help with the ministry of Babies of Juarez — Dusty and all three kids and friends who shop for bargains — I couldn’t choose, so Susana suggested she find some small wood pieces and paint them as diapers and formula.

“Find some wood pieces” sent me upstairs to my stash of grandkid toys to find these treasured blocks from my kids’ childhood. I sent her this picture of Ben, then took a selection to her home studio only a few blocks from our house.

She thought these would be perfect.

Voilà! All varnished and ready to go!

Yet another masterpiece ready to pack away for our Thanksgiving travels to Arizona . . . all wrapped up and now waiting for the late arrival of Bailey Anderson.

Finally!!! Here’s Bailey and Sarah’s first glimpse. I could hardly contain myself.

All of the “subjects” present to share in the discovery.

And yes, there it is—my ridiculous grin.

Then Quinn opened hers and my heart was bursting all over again. It’s the price we sappy sentimentalists pay.

Seriously! How much can one mom/Gus take? Note the dog’s interest? She’s wondering when Susana will make her a shadowbox. . .

– – – – – –

Susana featured Quinn’s shadowbox on her Facebook page. Check it out!

And here’s her Etsy shop. She has a website too, where she shares her story, but last I checked it was “down.” But just in case it opens for you, here’s the link.

Instagram is another place to follow her. Find it HERE.

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