don’t give up

Several years ago in our small town of Newberg, OR, signs started showing up all around, mostly in the grassy medians between street and sidewalk, with messages of encouragement to passersby.

The curious could easily google “don’t give up signs” and find THIS and THIS

Daughter Erin put feet on the idea and ordered signs to post throughout the colonias outside Juarez where we build a house every Thanksgiving. We weren’t aware of her plans until the end of our visit with Jasmine, when she tried several places to post a sign along the road outside her home, finding the dirt concrete hard.

The persistent will always find a way!

Then these signs showed up beside the house we built.

The next morning as we shared highlights in our team gathering we learned that Leo had driven Krista and Erin around the neighborhoods sharing encouragement. 

You can see they found unforgiving dirt everywhere.

Erin shared her story on the Don’t Give Up Facebook page: 
“After seeing the Don’t Give Up signs in my own community and hearing and reading stories about the true impact they were making and the opportunity for conversation they were creating, I was inspired to share this movement with another community close to my heart. This Thanksgiving the encouraging messages of hope—No Te Rindas (Don’t Give Up)—and intrinsic worth—Vales Mucho (You Matter/You Have Value) were shared in the colonias of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. This is a community where it may seem difficult to see where hope exists, but there are glimmers all around. May these signs add to the voices of those who are already partners in the good work being done there.”

We always leave a little piece of our hearts behind. This year we left tangible hope. Thanks, Erin!

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