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jolliff “concert”

I’ve known the Jolliffs since I married Mauri nearly 25 years ago, though mostly from a distance. So we’re friends, just not close friends. Yet I carry a very close attachment to Brenda in particular, who was an attending nurse … Continue reading

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family merry christmas

Like yours, our family starts celebrating Christmas long before the 25th. The bigger the family and the older we get, the longer it takes to fit in all the traditions and celebrations we’ve established over time. Our Macy/Williams side began … Continue reading

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more shadowbox fun

We waited not very patiently for Bailey to text his parents and fianc√© that his delayed flight from Iowa to Arizona had finally boarded. Each of us “waiters” had our own reason for wanting him to hurry home from college … Continue reading

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new mexico

If I didn’t write about our post-Juarez New Mexico road trip, despite its misordered timing, I wouldn’t have any record of it and I’d have a bunch of lost and lonely photos with no story, no closure. We can’t have … Continue reading

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two brothers

Our December calendar started out with two consecutive weekend visits from two beloved brothers. You can see the blur of Darcy’s tail as she greets DK (younger brother of Margaret-Rose, once known to her as Daryl).¬† Darcy knows she’ll get … Continue reading

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don’t give up

Several years ago in our small town of Newberg, OR, signs started showing up all around, mostly in the grassy medians between street and sidewalk, with messages of encouragement to passersby. The curious could easily google “don’t give up signs” … Continue reading

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a ninth home for the holidays

I begin this post with a view of retirement. Now that we are both retired, we can enjoy extra days at the beginning and end of our annual Thanksgiving adventure to Juarez with our family. We will count and name … Continue reading

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