on the pot

Bob Hampton sleeping

Our plumber and friend, Bob, posted this picture on Facebook this morning with the caption: “I’m hoping not to fall asleep on the job today, as I was caught on camera a while back.”

Of course it got a lot of laughs out of me, especially when I noticed his mom (also my friend) had tied him to the pot with a towel. Not a bad strategy, Maribeth! Raising four sons requires creativity.


You might imagine I’d have a matchup! Taylor fell asleep in the most unreasonable places (yes, I have a series of Taylor sleep pictures!), here shown waiting for me to brush his teeth. While there are differences in the two pictures, I see so many samenesses I had to share it.

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1 Response to on the pot

  1. Jo Helsabeck says:

    I need some levity today. Thanks, Sherry!

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