We’ve been blessed with visits from kin around the country, the most recent ones took me by surprise.

2018-10-17 16.52.19

This afternoon’s visitor gave us a whole day’s notice, so when the doorbell rang at 3:05, I was not surprised. Kevin had flown to Portland from Jacksonville, FL, this morning and stopped for a three-hour chat on his way down to Eugene on business.

2018-10-17 15.56.05

Kevin is my nephew, my brother’s boy, born the same day my first Paul and I got engaged. That’s how I remember his birthday and age without looking them up.


There they are, father and son, just a few years ago, or so it seems.


These photos were at the tip of my fingers because I recently finished a book project for Kevin’s dad, my brother’s 80th birthday!

CJN-80 front cover

You might know I have WAY too much fun putting together books using my vast collection of family pictures. So when I tried to think of a meaningful gift to note the passing of 80 years of life, this plan quickly formed. Johnny celebrated his birthday in Peru, crazy kid, so I had to wait for those pictures in order to finish the cover and final pages. When I saw these two matched together, I hooted and hollered. Can you believe his mouth forms the same shape on both pictures?

Johnny's book2

Johnny's book6

Johnny's book20

You might catch on to what I’m doing here — posting a few of the pages from the book with the hope of enticing you to “read” the whole book. Read is in quote because there’s really nothing read, only pages and pages of pictures.

Click here to view the the photo book.

(You don’t need to buy anything. Just click “view” and then “play.”)

Johnny's book51

This page is near the end because it shows he celebrated his 80th by climbing Macchu Picchu at 14,500 feet! Crazy kid . . .

When I grow up, I want to be just like him.

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