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Mauri and I are downright pathetic. When we discover a movie we both like, we watch it again and again and again . . . Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Return to Me, If I Were You, Scapegoat, the … Continue reading

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one-year photo shoot

Life’s busyness got in the way of my sharing a few pictures from the Carlson girls’ one-year photo shoot. So bear with me while I belatedly put just a few gems on here for posterity. Have you seen them often … Continue reading

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first day photos

Hee hee! I love first-day-of-school pictures so much! Here’s what I have. . . Schools in Arizona start early (and end early too), so Cassidy was the first to show up. Quinn knows I need lots of pictures, so she … Continue reading

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two-day vacation

We arrived at our destination—Astoria, Oregon— hungry. Before we left home, Mauri had researched some dining possibilities, and this one caught our attention. Bowpicker got a high rating from many reviewers, so we waited in the line we’re told never … Continue reading

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No surprise that one of my favorite things is a video of a baby learning to walk. Yesterday, Beth sent me this video of Emery, which meant I needed to grab a screenshot of that look for her book. I’ll … Continue reading

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