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We usually low key our anniversary, and today was no exception. I went to work, Mauri replaced the filter on the water purifier, normal-life stuff. But that doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate. Twenty-four years of marriage is nothing to shake a stick at. Last night when I told Taylor and Beth on FaceTime that tomorrow would be our 24th anniversary, Beth wondered if that was longer than I’d been married to Taylor’s dad. Her response when hearing the answer was no, 27 years, she said, “Wow, you’ve been married a LONG time!” Yes——yes, I have.

8-044 2

(photo credit Nancy Carter!)

So this evening we enjoyed a moment to reminisce our wedding ceremony through this photo (we were saying our promises).


And this exceptional moment when our newly blended family blended hands and voices in a version of the Doxology you’ve probably never heard. It was truly a moment, one not easily forgotten.

And a few minutes ago I shared these two photos along with the extra-long-for-social-media story below:



“We wonder why go out and spend a lot of money for a steak dinner to celebrate our 24th anniversary when we can go fancy right at home. Not that those filets were cheap, mind you, but the cook in our family whose initials are MMM has nailed the preparation no restaurant can top! I decided to show our dinner plates sans steak, perfectly baked Yukon gold potatoes, and cheesy veggies because you’d be over here in a flash. Not that we wouldn’t share, of course. Oh, and another advantage in eating in is you don’t have to drive home after dinner because you’re already there. So here’s my public “Happy Anniversary” to the man who not only cooks but poses without complaint for an anniversary selfie holding up four fingers. #luckyme❤️”

Mauri’s out walking the dog, giving me these minutes to write. Normal life is best. When he returns he’ll sit in the chair nearby and we’ll keep the candles burning a little longer while we watch another episode of “The Closer” and I pay some bills from this computer.

We are truly blessed, and we know it. Thank you, God!

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  1. Marcile says:

    Thanks for this recap. Since l had already moved on into my new normal life, l didn’t get to be in all the early time of your new normal. Bob and l celebrated our 25th the summer before his death, with all our kids, at Harbor Villa and dinner at one of our favorite coast restaurants . Even tho it was early, it was important to celebrate this very good gift God had given us and it was pretty evident Bob would be leaving us soon.
    It is touchmarks like that…His faithfulness in heartbreaking times and His redemption in blessings…that gives us confidence of his faithfulness in each new situation.
    I am glad you said “YES”.

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