yearly meeting choir

This past week, across town, the annual sessions for Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends were held. Mauri was asked to gather a choir to lead worship in the final service on Wednesday night.

2018-07-24 18.19.52

I sat and watched in awe of his giftedness to help a group of singers read new scores in two half-hour rehearsals and feel ready to lead others — with joy!

YM choir

I was glad to discover that waiting a few days to post this I can also include a link for you to watch and listen. It starts with Mauri sitting on an empty platform playing a ten-minute prelude on one of two of George Fox University’s Bosendorfer pianos. At 13:45 (on the progress bar) Mauri talks from the piano and leads several songs. Drag the yellow dot to that spot and sing along with us!

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1 Response to yearly meeting choir

  1. S Craig MacDonald says:

    I’ll listen when I’m at the coffee shop and have decent internet. For now: on the rare occasions I see the name Bosendorfer I think of Victor Borge, who would only perform if supplied with a Bosendorfer piano. And Mauri had two to choose from!

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