two turn one

Photo Jul 20, 4 04 28 PM

One year ago today a squishy, gooey baby girl was born, the one named “Baby A” from the time we learned she was one of two babies growing inside Beth. Avery Harper.

Photo Jul 20, 4 05 20 PM

A few minutes later “Baby B” took her first breath, and her parents got their first glimpse of the daughters they’d be raising. This one Emery Capri.

“They” say the first year is the hardest with multiples. Taylor and Beth will attest it was indeed hard and exhausting, right along with all the fun and surprise. But they won’t know for several years whether or not it was the hardest. In the meantime, they get to spend their days enjoying the care and company of these little darlings.












Happy birthday, sweethearts!

Beth writes: “Well our baby girls are ONE! What a fun, crazy, exhausting, and emotional year we have had together. Words cannot describe our love for them. We just love watching them go through each milestone and life together. They are so blessed to have each other and we are more blessed God gave them to our family.”

Beth writes about each one: “Avery is fun loving, always smiling, and our best sleeper. There isn’t a song out there that doesn’t make her want to dance. Poor girl has a fever, but you can’t tell from these pictures.”

“Emery is our sweet, fun loving but also very focused little lady twho doesn’t let anything get in the way of whatever she has set out to accomplish. She will knock you over and crawl over you if you get in her way too. 🤣. She is also a trouper, cooperating despite croup and an ear infection. She was able to rise to the occasion.”

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