macy family reunion

Every three years the descendants of Harlan and Clara Macy gather at Harbor Villa on the Oregon Coast to celebrate our common roots. Since I share no “roots” per se, I celebrate those I’ve grown to love over the past 24 years as a Macy. The family is much (much) larger than those who gathered, but I prefer a more intimate group anyway.

2018-07-14 13.31.19

Before the first event, I availed myself of the beach within reach, the one with the two matching rocks (except for the hole in one). I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect walk-on-the-beach day.

2018-07-14 14.10.29-1

On the way back I spied some familiar faces—these dear ones—enjoying a beach walk as well. I was more of a surprise to them than they to me, since I know they own a little summer place in Rockaway. Still, it was a serendipity!

2018-07-14 17.38.43

These are three of the four offspring of the oldest Macy brother, Jay. Their brother Doug died this year, a big loss in many ways.

2018-07-14 14.55.12

2018-07-14 18.29.39

2018-07-14 18.17.03-1

These sisters belong to Bernice’s tribe. They were focused on the food prep, a task they’ve taken on for many years. No small undertaking! This year I was recruited to grill the onions. You might have wondered what was that enticing aroma in the air yesterday. Yup, that was us!


2018-07-14 16.01.21

You can see where Mauri’s dad fits into the large family.

2018-07-14 18.48.12-1

Karen and John Macy are from Dwight’s bloodline.

2018-07-14 19.55.38

Brother Howard chats with cousin Richard, Macys both.

2018-07-14 19.55.45

It’s good to honor our heritage, even an inherited one through marriage.

2018-07-14 20.07.52

Once again we have reason to be grateful for this place.

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  1. Andra says:

    It was SO fun running into you!

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