watch what you say

This mama has to watch what she says in front of her daughter.

A few weeks ago I was enjoying some time with one side of my extended family down in Arizona as we celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Someone mentioned staying at Aneta’s house, and without a thought I was proclaiming she and Kent have the most comfortable guest bed and pillows I’d ever slept in/on. Though several years have passed since I enjoyed sleeping at the Hullingers’ home, I hadn’t forgotten their exceptional accommodations.

I was only speaking affirmation, not broadcasting a hint while someone in the room might be taking notes. I’d momentarily forgotten that dear daughter Quinn thinks her mama should have everything she wants, as I added to my proclamation—for effect and emphasis—that my pillow offers me far from ideal support and that I have to turn it several times during the night. Poor me!

2018-07-12 21.00.52

All that I just told you came flashing back as I opened a big box Mauri brought in from the porch.

We decided that instead of watching what we say around Quinn, we’ll start strategizing what we want for an upcoming birthday and start dropping subtle hints around her. Do you think she’ll catch on?

Thank you, dear Quinn (and Dusty). You made my birthday complete. I’ll sleep well tonight.

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1 Response to watch what you say

  1. Aneta Hullinger says:

    Sherry, I do hope that it is as comfortable as the old one that you slept on. We had just gotten new ones and that is the information that I sent Quinn. My grandchildren enjoy these as much as I do. Hope you have been sleeping well. Quinn is a gem and such a wonderful smiling example of a true keeper. She truly does remind me of you. I know that God has used you in her life and her in many many other lives. God is pleased by the example you both share with others. Hugs!

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