family celebration

We took a little drive toward Portland on Sunday for a birthday celebration for our grand nephew, son of Derin and Andra. It rained much of the time, but that didn’t stop the crowd of 50 or 60 from enjoying some good BBQ and reconnection with these dear ones.

Screenshot 2018-06-11 07.28.36

I’ll start with this family shot posted by one or the other on Instagram. The rest are just a few snaps from my own phone.

2018-06-10 16.19.49

2018-06-10 16.20.51

2018-06-10 16.24.49-1

Andra’s mom has her turn with the birthday boy.

2018-06-10 16.22.57

Then Derin’s mom.

2018-06-10 16.21.30-1

And of course Grandpa! Check out the photobomber.

2018-06-10 17.17.59

First cupcake!

2018-06-10 17.19.20

First birthday!

2018-06-10 17.20.06-2

One year old!

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2 Responses to family celebration

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  2. Andra says:

    LOVE this! Thank you for coming—and documenting!

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