#oneadaymay – week four

Here I am again, this time with installment four. The end is near. Since those May photos can’t be laid out in advance, I sometimes surprise myself with what photo stories I choose to share with #oneadaymay. I should “warn” you that Mauri has also been posting daily #oneadaymay photos, so I’ll be studying his collection at the end of the month and sharing my favorites with you. Then we can get to my normal as-life-happens posts. You’re very patient with me.


May 22 — “Last night I sent my vegetarian friend a photo of my dinner plate as a playful poke at her eating choices. After dishes I picked up my phone to read my daily portion of the New Testament (“89 Days”) and received a very timely chastisement. #oneadaymay #ouch! #crowfordinnertonight”


May 23 — “#oneadaymay #emptyday #notevenacarwash #yawn”


May 24 — “Assignment for work: Take a picture of this blended-family tree on our mantle and add it to Sunday’s “powerpoint” to help illustrate the sermon titled “What Shall We Remember?” #oneadaymay #happytooblige”


May 25 — “Somebody showed me Instagram stories and now you’re paying the price. #oneadaymay #blamecathiejo”

On Sunday, one woman told me she loved this picture and another told me it creeped her out.


May 26 — “He’s heading out on the two-seater to spin the cranks this quiet Saturday evening. Livin’ the dream…. #oneadaymay”


May 27 — “Pet or pest? Your view can easily be determined by whether or not you would pull this sucker off the siding and throw it in the street. #oneadaymay”

Much commenting ensued. “I don’t like what is inside it but the shell is cool!” “Dinner😇” “I toss them into the chicken coop…they love them!” “Definitely a pest. I gathered 160 from the back yard and 210 from the front before we planted marigolds and put down snail bait.” “My husband throws them into the road to allow the cars to do their thing. TOTAL AND COMPLETE PEST! Ugh” “Cool doorknob!” — to share a few.

east wall

I added this photo to the conversation with “When I married Mauri 24 years ago, this entire exterior wall was covered with them. (It was much more exposed then; these bushes need to be trimmed.) He was a little surprised I wasn’t amused by them. You know, live and let live. He had yet to learn I have no heart. 😂”


May 28 — “Memorial Day (off) accomplishments included planting the window box. None of the others were nearly this photogenic, so it won the #oneadaymay prize.”


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