#oneadaymay – week three

Here is my week’s offering. Distilling my life into one photo a day is challenging in both directions. Some days I go to work, come home for lunch, go back to work, then come home for dinner and a quiet evening in a comfortable chair near Mauri and the TV. Other days we are on the go from morning to evening. Thankfully there’s a balance between the two extremes. May is a fun month because I can share both!


May 15 — “Since I spend hours and hours here every day, five days a week, maybe it should have its own feature in #oneadaymay. I’ll miss it when I retire in four or so months.”


May 16 — “It’s true we have a lovely rose garden with significance to both the Macys and the Carlsons. But I feel the most pride in this peony because it’s still alive three springs after my friend Lisa added it to the plantings in our yard. Not that I have any claim at all on its success. #oneadaymay #godshandiwork”


May 17 — “It looks almost orchidic, but it’s actually rhodidic. #oneadaymay #coinedwords”


May 18 — “I usually try to hide my hands, which is hard because I need them for just about everything I do. Mean ol’ arthritis! The infinity ring reminds me daily not to waste precious time grouching about what can’t change. Be grateful I have hands! Show them off! #oneadaymay #osteo #oldage”

This post got a lot of comments. Who’da’ thought? My brother wrote: “They look like our dear Mother’s hands! Funny l have two crooked index fingers; alike!” And the following day I replied, “The veins, yes, but her knuckles weren’t gnarly like ours. Today is the anniversary of her death…1988 to 2018. Thirty years!”

A Facebook friend shared this in response:

2018-05-19 08.55.44



May 19 — “Church work day! Lots accomplished, including the annual “watering” of the indoor plants. And they needed a little sunshine too. ⛅ #oneadaymay #fauxgreenery”


May 20 — “Pity my uneventful life when this is the best I can offer for today’s #oneadaymay.”


May 21 — “Arnie and Dan admire the work of their day, finishing up the project begun by paint scrapers Phil and Edwin. #oneadaymay#propertystewards”

Too bad I didn’t have a camera propped and ready to photograph a family of squirrels (six?) romping across the top of our backyard fence and into the apple tree. The whole event spanned all of 6 or 7 seconds, some of those with me exclaiming, “Look! Look!” But Mauri and I will remember it for a very long time.

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