#oneadaymay – week two

Oops. I clicked on “publish” before I wrote the post. Sorry to those who subscribe or have this site in your reader.


May 8 — “At the end of a nondescript day at work, I got Facetimed by these two cuties (and their parents). A quick screenshot gave me my #oneadaymay!”


May 9 — “I think our girl maintains her beauty well for a 56-year-old (according to the charts). #oneadaymay #mrdarcy”


May 10 — “Came across the picture I couldn’t find on February 21, when Billy Graham died and everyone shared their stories and pictures. #oneadaymay #maurisdadandbilly”

This post brought on a lot of comments and conversation. I was wrong to assume that all happened in February. It was cool to read my friends’ stories related to Billy Graham and his crusade ministry.


May 11 — “This faithful old apple tree has provided the Macy family with shade and fruit and climbing opportunities for 38 years. To say nothing of the bird and squirrel families that birthed and launched many offspring from it in its 100-plus-year lifetime. It survived amputations for the sake of adding a studio on our house and to prevent apple dents on our neighbors’ car. And now it’s time for our sons to bring their children to pay their respects and tell their childhood stories one last time. #oneadaymay #treelove”


May 12 — “Kathy didn’t know she would provide my #oneadaymay when she smiled so naturally at the reception following a memorial service for Uncle Keith today. Events like this seem to be the only times we get to see our Williams cousins.”


May 13 (Mothers Day) — “Mother was my age in this picture. Cancer would take her from us a year later. That might be the only way I don’t choose to follow in her footsteps. #andmaybethewig #oneadaymay #richheritage”


May 14 — “What is this? The high-noon sun shining through the stained glass, reflected on the piano. #oneadaymay #addedtomyreflectioncollection”

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