#oneadaymay – week one

Here it is May again, and for the third year I’m participating in #oneadaymay — meaning I post one photo a day on social media and add the hashtag. The hashtag allows me to connect my #oneadaymay posts to all other #oneadaymay posts. If you click HERE you’ll see that the majority of #oneadaymay posters have the last name Macy, but it’s been fun to see others join in the fun.

If we’re friends on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve likely already seen these. If so, sorry for the duplication.


May 1 — “Weekly occurrence in Mauri’s recording studio. Newberg Brass (minus one trumpeter) rehearses for First Friday on June 1.” #oneadaymay #freeadvertising #yallcometoChapters


May 2 — “My birthday girl is all grown up now. Happy birthday, dear Quinn. You still light up my life.” #oneadaymay #mickeymousewatch
>> Comment dusty.anderson Fun pic for May 1 and May 2! #twodaysinmay
>> Comment julie.oziemkowski I remember Paul’s Mickey Mouse watch!
>> Comment quincyjoyanderson I have been loved well since the very beginning, without question. Happy birthing day to you, dear mama! ❤


May 3 – “All rehearsed and ready to sing for our Friendsview audience.” #oneadaymay #tohonormydad    [See add-on**]


May 4 – “Will’s kindergarten music program today. His music teacher, Jane Mendenhall, was a student of Mauri Macy back in the ’70s, when they were both very (very) young.” #oneadaymay #veryveryveryyoung


May 5 – “I dropped in to hear Bethany record calming tunes as part of her degree completion. Almost put me to sleep.” #oneadaymay


May 6 – “A perfect evening for outdoor entertainment.” #oneadaymay #concentration #macygrandgirls


May 7 – “Spent some quality time with my dentist today. Spent something else too! 💵💵” #oneadaymay #electivereplacementcrowns

And now you’ve had a taste of my exciting week!



I participated in the Friendsview Retirement Community Mixed Choir. Of course I love singing hymn arrangements, but this collection caught my special interest because of the title song: “Victory in Jesus.” I couldn’t resist the opportunity to honor my dad. So I asked to join the group even though I’m not a resident. My rationale was that I work for Friendsview as a freelance writer/editor/photographer/graphic designer. CLICK HERE to see examples of my work, though I’m not solely responsible for the outcome. I wouldn’t be worth much at all without co-editor Susan Fawver. We work hard and have a lot of fun in the process.

Oh dear, I got off on a bunny trail there. I really only wanted to say we performed this musical work twice. At the first concert a friend took this photo and shared it on my #oneadaymay post. Can you find me hidden directly behind the director?

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