andersons take europe

While grandson Bailey spends a semester in Spain with the “Semester in Spain” program (yes, I really wrote that), the rest of his family made plans to visit him over Spring Break.

It’s history now, but they’re all still walking on air, having had the time of their lives together in a new place.

I was invited to go along. OK, not really, but I was invited to follow along. I didn’t need a passport, only an invitation to join their shared Google Photos account. I was an easy guest and didn’t even require captions to enjoy my travels. Evident from my choices, I don’t care much about the backdrop; my interest is in the people in the pictures.

But first, here’s their itinerary. You get to guess from the scenery where they are.

Saturday, March 17 Phoenix to London
Sunday, March 18 London to Rome
Wednesday, March 21 Rome Ciampino to Seville (find Bailey)
Sunday, March 25 Seville to Barcelona
Tuesday, March 27 Barcelona to Seville (for Bailey)
Barcelona to New York (JFK) / New York to Phoenix (for the others)



IMG_4304 copy

IMG_4306 copy

IMG_4329 copy


IMG_4423 copy

IMG_4432 copy

IMG_4446 copy

IMG_4474 copy

IMG_5082 copy

You get the idea—those Andersons really like each other, no matter what country they visit.

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