no people

Though I certainly don’t object to scenic photography, I’m more prone toward having people in my pictures. So this will be a departure from my norm.

This will show where I am at the moment. I’m using this post as a distraction while Mauri is having his back repaired. A “bilateral decompression,” it’s called, with a small complication of needing the removal of the metal from his fusion three years ago to reach the problem spot. The several-month wait for this day seemed long, but we look forward to normalcy to return after recovery. He’ll spend the night here and come home tomorrow, Lord willing.

This peopleless picture illustrates the two events we attended last weekend. Yes, people were there! One was written and produced by a friend and casted with local actors and musicians. The other starred our own Oscar Williams with his school’s 2nd- and 3rd-grade classes. Songs about science!

I snapped this picture to send to a local church that hosts a Divorce Recovery group. It illustrates one of my many at-work projects—finding new storage places for the contents of a resource room being repurposed as an office.

Speaking of the church, I saw this on Facebook and asked for the artist’s attribution. Still no answer but I’ll share it anyway. It begs the question: What were “they” thinking to add a modern entrance on such classic old church? I’m not the first person to ask.

In last Friday’s church newsletter I included an invitation to join me at the local Cameo to see this new release. Sixteen of us filled nearly two rows in the theater! (I brought some of the leftover popcorn with me this morning to nibble while I wait.) Most of us had disappointing responses to the movie, even those of us who were warned about Hollywood’s removal of all biblical references. But I think we unanimously concurred it was fun to watch together in that funky old theater.

Who can resist 99¢ honey crisp apples? Yes sir, yes sir!

I think I’m trying to prove to myself I actually can blog from my phone. Getting a little carried away now with pictures altogether too accessible. Can I stick with my original plan to use peopleless photos exclusively?

How well do you know me?

Can you blame me? You can blame it on John. He came over last night to check in with his pop pre-surgery. I’ll ask Mauri who won the chess game—after he wakes up.

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2 Responses to no people

  1. Nancy Mylander says:

    Hope the distraction worked and Mauri recovers soon!

  2. S Craig MacDonald says:

    Praying he gets the relief you both hope for.

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