new pictures!

Have I mentioned how much I love pictures? How lucky am I, then, to have professional photographers in the family!

John Macy recently passed along the family pictures he and Erin took at our traditional Christmas brunch at the Jory in December. So I am delighted to share them with you here.

2017 Allison Breakfast-102

Our entire Macy “side” lives right here in Newberg!

2017 Allison Breakfast-101

Here we are with five of our eleven grands: Oscar, Sage, Will, Brynn, and Lincoln.

2017 Allison Breakfast-103

2017 Allison Breakfast-104

2017 Allison Breakfast-107

These will remind you who belongs to whom. I’ve updated the photos page of this blog, using these news pics, if you want to know more.

2017 Allison Breakfast-106

And yours trulies . . .

Mauri & Sherry - 20 years apart

Not only do I love pictures but I love to match them. I put this combo on Instagram with the caption: “I might as well face it. He will always be taller.”

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2 Responses to new pictures!

  1. Marcile says:

    Love seeing these beautiful families! The picture of you and Mauri is great.

  2. Jo Helsabeck says:

    What wonderful photos they are! Good to have over 35 years of memories of this dear family. God is good…all the time.

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