in all kinds of other weather

Oregon gets a bad rap when it comes to weather. Me, I love Oregon weather. Yes, even the rain. Maybe especially the rain.

You’re right. If all we had was rain, I might get tired moss growing on my eyebrows. But really, our weather is just full of surprises. I already showed you our weather on Saturday.

2018-02-18 09.52.26

This was our weather on Sunday, yesterday. The higher elevations had enough for sledding and snowman building. But we city folk got just enough to admire for an hour or two and then it all melted.

Today being Monday and Presidents Day and a day off work, Mauri and I decided to take a drive to Forest Grove, a half hour away. Mauri’s been mostly housebound for two months now. Thankfully he’s been looked over by experts, one being the neurosurgeon who fixed his back two years ago. Dr. Rohrer will operate again on March 15, this time for bilateral decompression. It’s a less impactive surgery this time that will heal faster and require a shorter recovery. Yay! The four-wheel walker with a seat we borrowed has given him much more freedom.

2018-02-19 13.12.03

Usually that means freedom around the house, but it also means freedom to take his wife for a countryside drive on a sunny blue-sky day.

2018-02-19 13.12.15

I was semi-successful in catching a glimpse of the high elevation. Can you see the snow-covered trees just to the left of the close bush?

2018-02-19 14.15.31

I’m fairly sure you’d rather see pictures of our grandkids, but today we’re featuring ordinary Oregon.

Three days = rain, snow, and blue skies. Tomorrow maybe hail?

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