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in all kinds of other weather

Oregon gets a bad rap when it comes to weather. Me, I love Oregon weather. Yes, even the rain. Maybe especially the rain. You’re right. If all we had was rain, I might get tired moss growing on my eyebrows. … Continue reading

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in all kinds of weather

Location: Puerto, Vallarta, MX. Those people down there are Dusty and Cassidy. It was Dusty’s birthday (yesterday), and the entire Anderson clan (parents, brother/family) gathered in warm country for some time together. Location: Whitetail Ski Resort in Mercersburg, PA. These … Continue reading

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seattle adventure

Too much time has passed since Quinn and I attended a Beth Moore Living Proof Live event together. Two years ago we tried. We met in Waco, Texas. Dallas, actually, but the conference was held in Waco. But Quinn got … Continue reading

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I post this joke from New Yorker to get a laugh out of Mauri. I could just show it to him since he’s in the next room. But that isn’t as much fun. I don’t try to tell either one … Continue reading

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a sign of our times

Remember the days we would reach for the phone book to use as a booster chair for our littles? This was delivered to the office today. We might need 20 or 30 of those to boost our kids now! We … Continue reading

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fixer upper?

I’m not one to brag or anything, but this is legit. Joanna Gaines could take some lessons on interior decorating from Beth Carlson. This isn’t exactly a fixer upper, but our Beth took this dark room in their new house … Continue reading

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