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I’m down to the final details in gathering all the necessary ingredients to produce this year’s church directory. We had a severe split during the summer, and the only way to know who considers themselves a part of our church community is to build it from scratch. So I’ve been hard at work taking photos and importing data from those who stepped up. It’s almost ready to print. Whew.

Only one problem: Mauri has been sidelined with back issues for going on four weeks now, with no solutions in the foreseeable future. He can sit without pain but needs a walker to navigate life around “514.” So . . . If the mountain couldn’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain, as it is written.


On my lunch hour today I set up this portable photo studio in our entry hall. Yes, we have a real tripod, but this makeshift stand with my stack of retirement reads plus two Bibles served us just fine. Mauri found the timer setting on the camera, we put on our happy faces, and . . . voila—


except there’s flash in his glasses, so . . .


Photoshop to the rescue, and . . .


a crop to square, and we are ready to join our community in the directory. In the nick of time!

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3 Responses to directory photo

  1. Marcile says:

    You guys are so cute…and smart, too!

  2. Merilou Kronschnabel says:

    I had the pleasure of guitar lessons with Mauri during my GFC days. I still treasure those memories. I was shy and yet Mauri put me at ease. I learned so much from his love of music. I had first heard of Mauri and Margaret Rose when they sang one evening at Cedar Mill Bible Church so many years ago. I had their album. I somehow found your blog this past week while searching for memories on Cyril Carr. So happy to know you two found each other after losing former spouses. Many blessings on you both.

    • sherrymacy says:

      I’m so glad you found us here! Thanks for commenting . . . Mauri speaks of Cyril from time to time; his wife, Bev (now Payton), still attends Newberg Friends, and until recently so did Cyril and Bev’s daughter, Brook, and her family.

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