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directory photo

I’m down to the final details in gathering all the necessary ingredients to produce this year’s church directory. We had a severe split during the summer, and the only way to know who considers themselves a part of our church … Continue reading

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social media theme

Distance separates us from some of our grandkids, so I rely on social media for glimpses into their lives. This week revealed a theme I had to share here. (Cassidy is on the left.) (screenshot snatched from a video) Who … Continue reading

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a night out

With all there is to do these days, it took some finagling with time and responsibilities to plan a night out. I was one of 5,100 registrants for this year’s Mission ConneXion Northwest, number 16, held in nearby Tualatin at … Continue reading

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being a dad

It appears daddies comforting their sick two-year-old sons runs in our family this year. Taylor with Declan Pete with Lincoln It’s sad but also very sweet.

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desert photoshoot

The day after Christmas Taylor Finkbeiner met us in the Arizona desert for an hour of posing and clicking, and here are my picks of her results. Like this . . . circa 1978 circa 2017

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christmas overview

Here it is the end of New Year’s Day, and I’m eager to share some of our Christmas family time before I go back to work in the morning. But first — a quick look at what happened in Virginia … Continue reading

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