another this-and-that post

While I spent my days at the office—last week especially full because of upcoming travels—Mauri has been overseeing several home projects. It’s one thing to hire others to do the work and another thing to make sure mutual understandings are carried out. Thankfully, most of the projects came together just in the nick of time for us to fly to Arizona yesterday.

2017-11-17 17.13.23

Here is the nearly finished deck. We think it is absolutely wonderful. That angled part to accommodate the steps became necessary because of the lawn and watering system we had put in last summer. You can see the pavers on the far left. The workers spent much time mitering the Trex to perfection.

2017-11-17 17.14.41

This alcove was given the same attention, even though it will soon be occupied by shelves with Keepers of wood pellets and what not.

2017-11-17 17.15.06

Rainy nighttime pictures are nice but make it hard to see this secret entry to our crawl space.

2017-11-16 14.08.53

The workers moved to the front, where the project took slightly less effort. But was no less ostentatious! It was mostly finished when we left.

2017-11-13 22.42.26

We got word that Mauri’s cousin Doug died. He is a man of renown, the landscape architect whose work we admire every time we drive the long entry road to the Portland airport. He describes some of his childhood, at times shared with Mauri, at the link above.


That’s Doug’s dad, Uncle Jay, pictured between brothers Mahlon and Dwight at the 2000 Macy reunion.

2017-11-11 11.10.14

Out in Virginia, sad faces show some nasty bug has infected the nearly never-still Declan. Cuddles are nice but preferred from someone who isn’t feeling sick.


A different day shows a more normal scene for the Carlsons, waiting for their December 16 move-in. Limbo is never easy, but at least they have a comfortable place to wait it out.


You saw this boy last week in family pictures, but it’s hard to not share his kindergarten school picture this week.

2017-11-18 12.57.54

On our way! At the airport filling our bellies for the flight to Phoenix.

2017-11-19 12.34.07

After church we “braved” a new-to-us restaurant by high recommendation. As I took this picture I said out loud, “It seems my travel photos always include what we eat.”

2017-11-19 12.57.42

We were not disappointed! Yes, that’s cornbread CAKE——delicious cornbread with butter cream cheese icing. Yow!

2017-11-19 13.23.06

What would you have chosen?

2017-11-19 13.56.54

These two are too cute, right? Marissa and Kaden are both freshmen at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, and since they agreed to let me photograph them a few minutes ago, I get to end this post with their happy smiles.

Thanks for sharing this and that with me on this lovely 80-degree Sunday afternoon here in Queen Creek, Arizona.

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