The Carlson twins are ever changing. They’re now permanently on the East coast (not counting the occasional visits this direction), so we must rely on their parents to continue their habit of sending pictures regularly.

Emery and Avery 10.12.17

They’re three months old now. Emery on the left; Avery on the right.

2017-10-19 11.51.07

Same order only decked out in their scary jammies.

October 2017-Babies distribution

Here’s an update on the “other” babies. Quinn texted this picture while she was in Juarez for back-to-back house builds last week. The first was with a group from Cassidy’s school (Cassidy included); the second a group from their church, Redemption Gateway. Gateway had conducted a diapers and formula drive just prior to this trip. The collection was so immense, it barely fit into “Faith,” the Babies of Juarez trailer. Naturally, those on site were excited to witness this distribution day, when mamas come to the Missions Ministries team center to receive a share of the supplies.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 3.51.58 PM

That was my unsubtle segue to the announcement of our annual Dorothy’s Match—with the added Legacy Match for 2017.

Here’s the letter that tells all about it:

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 3.52.44 PM

If you want to participate this year in either match, your donations will have a great effect on the lives of dear families in Juarez, Mexico. Here’s a link to the above-mentioned PayPal site.

IF YOU RESPOND BY NOVEMBER 8, the diapers and formula we purchase with your donations can cross the border with us into Juarez for our Thanksgiving home build.

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