a week in the life

Since returning to work fully full time I have little time or energy for other than—work. Newberg Friends Church is rebuilding from its foundation after a major split. I don’t know if we are taking baby steps or giant steps, but we are fully focused! When I say “we,” I mean many who have stepped up to take on big and little responsibilities and roles in a pastorless church. Pastorless until a week ago, that is. A former NFC pastor, Dick Sartwell, has returned for nine months as interim while a search committee finds a good fit for lead pastor.

2017-10-03 16.41.01

We have only one worship gathering now, as you can see.


But the church is full, as you can see.


This morning the handbell choir played. (This was their rehearsal, explaining the open platform door.) Some ringers nervously played for the first time, but they did remarkably well, encouraged to try it again.

So those of us who have stayed with the church feel encouraged for our future but also the sadness brought about by the departure of so many.


On Friday I said farewell to my coworker Denise after 14 years. She’s moving her workday across town to a place I’ll still see her on occasion.

2017-09-29 21.44.13

I was still in a boot so couldn’t participate in a local event that opened the still-under-construction bypass for walkers and riders. If you look at the rider behind the lead you’ll probably recognize facial features that belong to Mauri Macy.

I snapped a pic from the Newberg Graphic . . .

2017-09-29 21.44.30

. . . along with this quote.

2017-10-03 06.35.11

This is Brynn. She was visiting her Mamaw and Papaw in Arizona with Erin (who posted this pic on Instagram).

2017-10-03 14.15.18

Our Beautyrest mattress, guaranteed to outlive us, did not. So Mauri ordered a new one online. It came in this box, weighing 95 pounds.

2017-10-03 14.15.44

They’ll come pick it up if in 30 days we decide it doesn’t work for us. I’m sure you will wait right here to find out.

2017-10-06 09.04.14

Mauri posted this picture of his beloved Martin guitar on a vintage guitar Facebook group page. He had just suffered three months of separation from it while an expert in Eugene worked on it (new frets and a long list of adjustments). He was extremely pleased and wanted to share kudos on the page that led him to this expert. Around 40 “likes” last time he checked and some fun comments.

2017-10-07 19.21.56

Beth is in Virginia with the kids. She and Taylor flew east to have some family beach time and then to be with Beth’s folks in Herndon, Virginia, for a while. The “for a while” has turned into a lot longer. Taylor was still on paternity leave when he looked into possibilities for a company transfer to the DC area. Long story short, they are moving. It’s very exciting for them, given the nearness to Beth’s family, but very sad for the Andersons, who loved having them close. Sad for me too, of course, since AZ is much more accessible than VA. But we always have FaceTime!

2017-10-07 13.19.12

We don’t get out to the beach very often, but Rachel’s birthday was last week, and that calls for a Macy/Williams family outing.

2017-10-07 11.58.57-1

After the drive out we were all ready for lunch. Imagine walking into a small cafe at noon and asking for a table for 13! The host/waitress wasn’t the slightest bit flustered by the prospect, and as you can see managed to fit us all in—and together!

2017-10-07 11.51.34

We even got to meet baby Nile, the newest addition.

2017-10-07 11.51.43

Another keeper!

2017-10-07 13.46.24

Who ordered this beautiful day for us? If it was you, THANK YOU!

2017-10-07 14.38.49

Oh dear. Looks like something is heading our direction.

2017-10-07 15.34.51

No worries. The Macy brothers always come prepared for any kind of weather. John says “I’ve never had a bad day at the beach.” They quickly built a shelter and a roaring fire to cover us and keep us warm.

2017-10-07 15.58.01

And when the rain stopped, the guys kept their hackysack tradition.

2017-10-07 18.35.50

Mauri and I headed back before the others, figuring our dog at home would appreciate some relief and some food. So we might have missed out on gathered remembering of Rachel. But I was ready with my remembrance of this scarf, her last gift to me. She was very intentional in choosing it, and always with love.

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1 Response to a week in the life

  1. Marcile says:

    Ahhh Sherry. I love you guys…all of you…So much!
    Was it the new renewed Martin Maury was playing in church Sunday? I sensed something different going on.
    And these kids…why won’t they stay put right next door. All it takes, tho, is extra planning of budget and time.
    Thanks for sharing your ramblings.

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