hot dog!

2017-09-24 12.30.54

This was not your typical hot dog stand. No no. It was an EVENT!

2017-09-24 12.36.42

2017-09-24 12.30.21

2017-09-24 12.29.58

These girls and their parents advertised well, worked hard, and it paid off with a large turnout! And what better cause than to help build a house for a deserving family in Juarez?

2017-09-24 12.37.36-1

2017-09-24 12.30.39-1

2017-09-24 12.44.46-1

The food was great and we got to see all the local family except Linsey (whose weekends are busy with showing and selling houses because who wouldn’t want to live in Oregon?)

2017-09-24 12.45.02 HDR

2017-09-24 12.43.25

If you want to watch a fun video of last year’s build, CLICK HERE for John Macy’s time lapse. It’s too wonderful for words.

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