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nut dryer

The day started like this for Mauri on the 71st anniversary of his birth. He did the cooking, of course. I provided the ambiance. He would have a rehearsal in the evening, so any other celebrating would happen between 1 … Continue reading

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hot dog!

This was not your typical hot dog stand. No no. It was an EVENT! These girls and their parents advertised well, worked hard, and it paid off with a large turnout! And what better cause than to help build a … Continue reading

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This workshop was offered just one day too late for me. I’ve done the “staying healthy” part. I passed my annual wellness appointment with flying colors, even with accolades. But that didn’t help much on Wednesday morning when the side … Continue reading

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a rose by any other name

We decorate the neighborhood every year with our streetside rose garden. It’s a satisfying “effort.” I put effort in quotes because the effort expended has nothing to do with me, beyond the money we spend to have it maintained and … Continue reading

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