“how can i minister to all these people”

I had no idea how geeked I’d be about the eclipse. My interest in it had gone far enough to order three pairs of eclipse glasses (which were refunded by Amazon for safety and probably litigious reasons), but I wasn’t even sure I’d go outside, knowing I’d see plenty of pictures of it.

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 9.50.16 PM

I printed off this time chart just in case.

At around 10, Mauri walked down the street to the office to join me. I didn’t even take my phone with me as we strolled around the church parking lot, noting changes in the atmosphere. Why would I need a camera?

2017-08-21 10.18.17

Thankfully, Mauri had his and could snap this picture of the darkness at 10:18 a.m.. We didn’t have a total eclipse but it came very close, as you can see. It was dark enough to trigger the security night lights of the church.

2017-08-21 10.19.59

I value my eyesight too highly to take any chances on inferior protection, so even for this picture my eyes were closed. But I opened them for a moment a couple of times to see it for myself.

It was very cool—cool in the current vernacular but also cool in temperature without the sun to warm the air, even for one minute.

2017-08-21 10.18.39

The moon had started to pass through, but even the edges of the sun put out lots of light.

2017-08-21 10.20.29

2017-08-21 10.31.56

2017-08-21 10.32.53

See the crescent-shaped shadows? If I had a camera I would have taken a picture of my hair and earrings, very different from their normal shadow.

Post after post after post on Facebook were pictures of my friends wearing eclipse glasses or of the sky.


One friend posted a picture of the traffic going through our area, which we chose to avoid.

2017-08-21 17.12.59

But another friend, a blogger who write for an Oregon newspaper, posted this picture with the following story.

“Never in the history of the world has there been this much traffic on our little country road. I thought, how can I minister to all those people? So I made iced tea and lemonade and handed it out for free. One lady needed a bathroom.

“Of course.

“So I hung up a ‘restroom available’ sign and soon we literally had a line of people out the back door. They kept coming and coming. We used up all my ice cubes and lemonade mix, so then we gave away water. And I’m guessing 100 people used the restroom.

“It has been an amazing day.”

An amazing day, indeed. What an example she sets (in more than this way; I highly recommend reading her blog on a regular basis)!

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