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If you don’t have a friend like Deborah, you need to find one. Today!

Here is one of 12 posts that report my adventures with her. (OK, if you insist, I’ll link this one too.)

My friendship with Deborah goes way back before my Macy days. Of course I hadn’t met her yet or even heard about her for that matter, but our friendship was forming nonetheless. She was friends with Mauri and Margaret-Rose, and their stories intertwine through family acquaintances going way back.

scan copy

Here’s an archived photo of Deborah singing with her brother, with Mauri on guitar, at her wedding to Kerry. She said they were just playing around at the reception.


Mauri and Doug doing the same.

2017-08-18 19.14.37

You probably guessed something like this was coming next. I’m predictable that way. Deborah invited Mauri and me to come to her house last night because Doug and his wife, Candy, were visiting from their home in Arizona.

2017-08-18 20.10.45

We have a lot in common with these two, and much of our conversation revolved around our “like precious faith,” as my first mother-in-law used to say. Stories and memories from the past flew across the table and then across the living room, where we moved so Mauri could play something from Deborah’s scores from “La La Land” on the piano. I wish you coulda been there.

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