family day at champoeg

For lots of years we local Macys (plus others related but with different last names) enjoyed family dinner once a month. Here’s a post from a family dinner in 2009. We have great memories from those years, but all good things have a season and the season for family dinner ended last year. As we “laid it down” we all thought it would be good to meet this summer for some fun at our local state park, Champoeg, pronounced “Shampooie.” Yup.

In January I had my pick of the day camp sites. It pays to plan ahead.

2017-07-29 09.36.59 HDR

Without knowing it, I picked the very best one!

It’s also the weekend of Old Fashioned Festival, when the entire town of Newberg floods our neighborhood. Gridlock was happening right on our corner at 9 a.m. because people were already arriving for the parade. We were eager to get out of there!

2017-07-29 12.02.12 HDR

So you can understand why we were thankful for this very pleasant place to be.

As an aside, we have learned to make lemonade out of the lemon of having our peaceful neighborhood overtaken by the crowds one weekend a year. Food! Lots of food vendors set up in the park one block from home. And we take full advantage. Let’s see: we’ve already enjoyed three meals from the park (we carry it home to eat in familiar comfort) and we were just wondering together what we’ll choose for dinner tonight.

2017-07-29 12.02.37 HDR

You can probably recognize the kids whose faces frequent the pages of this blog, but the one smiling at me is Katie, our niece’s daughter. She’s her mom’s mini-me!

2017-07-29 12.04.11-1

Mauri carried the weight of shopper/patty-maker/griller and John added his expertise at the pit.

2017-07-29 12.53.19-1

Lincoln slept through lunch.

2017-07-29 12.55.40 HDR

But don’t worry, his mama made sure he got a plate.

Remember this?

2017-07-29 13.29.17

Well, here they are again, all in one contemporary picture. Two sets of Macy brothers.

They were about to face up for a game of ladderball.

2017-07-29 13.52.11

I drew an arrow to show you where to look for the ball in the air. It wound around the top rung!

2017-07-29 13.52.45

The Macy cousins (including Oscar) spend much time together and enjoy close friendship.

2017-07-29 13.50.32

Time to sort the Old Fashioned Festival parade candy.

2017-07-29 13.56.05 HDR

Now (after the adults take a few) each kid chooses his/her favorite five pieces. Then another five. It’s quite an intentional process!

We now anticipate what happens next: dinner and then fireworks! Best of all, we can watch them from our own cookin’-room chairs over the top of the neighbors’ roof.


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