no photo

The brilliant colors pulled my attention toward the upstairs window——blue, red, yellow——five hot-air balloons at varying distances, all visible between the U-shaped opening in the neighborhood trees across our backyard. This time of year a single balloon is a fairly common sight, though one can hardly move on without giving it at least a short audience. But five all at the same time!

No pressing matter so early in the morning called me away, so I indulged in a longer gander at this small phenomenon. I wondered if I might have time to scoot down the stairs for a camera or a phone. While I debated the pros and cons, a sudden change turned my attention back to the scene. Emerging from the treetops I watched a large yellow orb, much closer than the others, rise quickly to join the backdrop. Six! Surely six balloons all visible in that small opening merited a photograph! But my feet didn’t move, confirming the debate result.

But you might need to see it; you might want to appreciate this unusual moment in time. And how would I ever remember this inspiring moment without a picture?

This happened three days ago. I still recall it. Vividly. Without a photo.

But will I remember it tomorrow?

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